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Adding Star Rating Badge to Turbo Theme 6.3.2

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Ever since recent change to Turbo Theme from OOTSB, I can't seem to get Star Rating Badge to work on my product page. The Theme template I use for products is the Default Product template. I've managed to add the actual reviews above the recommendation container, but can't figure out how to add the star badge below the product title. Has anyone ran into this issue?

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did you follow the instructions that are listed in this page: Installing Star Rating Badge in the product template?

I don't have a Turbo Theme version to check, but basically you need to identify in which template you have the single product code, find the title tag and then add the code.



<!-- Stamped - Begin Star Rating Badge -->
class="stamped-product-reviews-badge stamped-main-badge" 
data-id="{{ }}" 
data-product-sku="{{ product.handle }}" 
style="display: block;">
<!-- Stamped - End Star Rating Badge --><br>


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Yes, I've tried finding that title, but the way it looks on's instructions doesn't exist. The new Turbo Theme version doesn't have the code directly. I've played with a couple placements in the product-template.liquid file, but the only place where I think it should go is somewhere in here:


  render 'product',
  product: product,
  variant: product.selected_or_first_available_variant,
  display_sku: section.settings.display_sku,
  display_tags: section.settings.display_tags,
  display_social_buttons: section.settings.display_social_buttons,
  display_thumbnails: section.settings.product_thumbs,
  display_type: section.settings.display_type,
  display_vendor: section.settings.display_vendor,
  display_collections: section.settings.display_collections,
  enable_product_lightbox: section.settings.enable_product_lightbox,
  enable_shopify_review_comments: settings.enable_shopify_review_comments
  enable_shopify_product_badges: section.settings.enable_shopify_product_badges,
  review_position: section.settings.review_position,
  enable_reviews_in_description: nil,
  enable_thumbnail_slider: section.settings.enable_thumbnail_slider,
  enable_zoom: section.settings.activate_zoom,
  size_chart: settings.size_chart,
  gallery_arrows: section.settings.gallery_arrows,
  display_savings: section.settings.display_savings,
  product_description_position: section.settings.product_description_position,
  product_description_words: nil,
  product_images_position: section.settings.product_images_position,
  set_product_height: section.settings.set_product_height,
  product_height: section.settings.product_height,
  show_payment_button: section.settings.show_payment_button,
  slideshow_transition: section.settings.slideshow_animation,
  slideshow_speed: section.settings.slideshow_speed,
  thumbnail_position: section.settings.thumbnail_position,
  video_looping: section.settings.video_looping,
  template: 'product',


Any suggestions on how it would work is greatly appreciated!

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Figured it out... well support figured it out... it was added to the snippets/product.liquid file.

Amazing customer service btw!