Bundle App - Hide their iFrame?

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Hi, I'm using a Bundle app that embeds their widget on our product page.

The widget basically displays all of the products in the bundle, but it does in a way that takes to much space in the page. Since I can use the images and product descriptions for this, I just need to app's functionality, and not its "visual presence".

Is there a way I can do this via the liquid file or the css?


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Hi @leocesario 

Yes, you can hide with CSS but not with liquid code.  please share your store link I guide you about this

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This kind of bundle apps is most likely using script tags to add the widget on the product page. When the page is loaded, the script will add the widget with javascript.

If you can inspect the element id, you can write your own script to hide the widget. After this widget is loaded, use your script to hide it by setting display: none to the element. This is completely possible. But it's important to determine when the widget is completely loaded on the page. 

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