Button link - how to redirect it to a section ?

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Hi everyone, 

I've been trying to add a button in a slideshow on the main page that would redirect my customers to the next section just below (still in the main page).

I saw on various forums that it was possible to redirect a button link to a specific section. For instance, to redirect to the footer, the following button link works => #shopify-section-footer  . This example works perfectly. When I click on the button, it redirects me to the Footer section. 

In my case, I would like to click on the Button in the "Slideshow" section and have it redirected to the "Custom Content" section.  But I struggle to find the correct button link to do that. I've been trying #shopify-section-custom_content or #shopify-section-customcontent or #shopify-section-custom-content but it doesn't want to work. 

Does anyone have a tip on how to fix that ? 


FYI: theme used narrative, i used the sections that were automatically created (did not create sections by myself in the edit code section). 



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