Can I add images next to a heading title on my website?

Can I add images next to a heading title on my website?

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Hi there,

I am redesigning my website and trying to make it more on brand. Would anyone know if it is possible to add SVGs or PNGs next to a heading title, such as the screenshot shown below? My new website is not published yet but here is the link if needed:

Thank you 🙂

Screen Shot 2023-10-09 at 4.54.44 PM.png

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Yes, it's certainly doable. It'll require some basic coding knowledge, but one way to go about it would be to modify the header.liquid file (in the Dawn theme) by adding 2 image tags, 1 before and 1 after the existing header tag, and then maybe wrapping all 3 elements in a flex div to control the positioning of each element.



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Hi @BaskHour 

Please send me that svg or png image link so I can provide you the code to do that

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Hey Dan! Thank you so much for trying to help, here is the link 🙂 



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Hello There,


1. In your Shopify Admin go to online store > themes > actions > edit code
2. Find Asset > base.css and paste this at the bottom of the file: {
content: url(''); /* Replace with the path to your before image */
margin-right: 10px; /* Adjust the spacing as needed */
} {
content: url(''); /* Replace with the path to your after image */
margin-left: 10px; /* Adjust the spacing as needed */
} {
display: flex;




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Hi ZestardTech, 
I appreciate your help! This is what it looks like with your code (screenshot below). Seems like the wrap is too small and I have to make the section full width? Let me know if I can do anything else  🙂

Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 4.21.43 PM.png