Can we improve local pickup POS integration for better sales tracking?

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The local pickup system has added a great deal of functionality especially since the pandemic but the process does not seem fully integrated with the rest of the sales system. For instance when creating an order through the backend you cannot send that order to be tracked in the local pickup POS tile. I would see this as an easy fix in the Shipping selection for a "Local Pickup - POS" option which would add that order to the local pickup que. 


On a separate note the local pickup pick slips lack the SKU number and sometimes cannot print the full name of a product. The SKU being the only true identifier for an item and the multiple options seems like it is essential information for the person who is picking the items for that order. Why can we not modify these pickup slips in the same way that we can modify our receipts? 


Its a good feature but needs further thought on user interactions and practical use feedback. 

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