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Cart elements cutoff on mobile view

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I'm having an issue with my site where the mobile view cuts out the column names (i.e. "Product", "Membership Fee", and "Quantity"). It also cuts off the text I have appended after the cart total "(Membership Fee)". I'm wondering how I can get these to render on the mobile view and what I need to do in order to make this happen. I've attached screenshots of both views as well as the relevant code for the membership fee portion. 



Desktop Browser ViewDesktop Browser ViewMobile View missing column names and (Membership Fee) cutoffMobile View missing column names and (Membership Fee) cutoff

<div class="cart__recap hidden-thumb">
  				<span class="cart__total h3" data-money-convertible><span {% if cart.total_price == bold_cart_total_price %}class='hulkapps-cart-original-total'{% endif %}><span class="Bold-theme-hook-DO-NOT-DELETE bold_cart_total_2" style="display:none !important;"></span>{{ bold_cart_total_price | money | append: ' (Membership Fee)' }}</span></span>
  				{% comment %} <span class="cart__shipping">{{ 'cart.general.shipping_not_included' | t }}</span>{% endcomment %}

  				{%- capture currency_notice -%}{{ 'cart.general.currency_notice' | t: shop_currency: shop.currency }}{%- endcapture -%}

  				{%- if settings.currency_conversion_enabled and currency_notice != blank -%}
  				<p class="cart__currency-notice">{{ currency_notice }}</p>
  				{%- endif -%}
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