Change Font Size of Main Menu on BROOKLYN theme

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I would like to make the font size of the main menu on Brooklyn theme to be little bigger.  How can i go about doing that?


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Open Assets/theme.scss.liquid.  Look for the following and change the font-size.

.site-nav__link {
  @include transition('color 0.2s, opacity 0.1s');
  @include accentFontStack;
  font-size: em(14px);

I hope this helps.

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Well, I struggled and struggle with this and the solution is "black or whit" not nuanced or flexible. Either the menu changes to super duper big hamburger styled wit xtra big font or back to the top menu with small fonts. There is no in between like smaller fonts + burger menu. If I wanna keep the burger menu in the computer view (it's quite clean and nice) I get this gigantic font. It is 12 px gigantic font in burger menu or 11 px small font in top menu with visually not nice main menu items that sizewise are different from the fontsize in dropdown menu. There really isn't any way out of this it seems. Either I choose 12 px font and get burger menu with giant fonts or 11 px font top menu with dropdown menu font that differs från menu font. If there is a solution, please come bak to me on this.