Change Testimonials from Sliding to Fading


Hoping a Shopify master help me figure out this seemingly simple transition... change testimonials from sliding to fading. The "Customize" area does not have options to change transition animation for testimonials (it has that for slide shows but not testimonials). I would be happy to Edit Code if I knew which Asset to edit (I am assuming its a js file)

Any help would be greatly appreciated and hope will also help many other store owners who would like that option for their testimonials.


If it helps the javascript file that our store has is called app.js.liquid
And CSS is Styles.scss.liquid

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Sorry you are facing this issue, it would be my pleasure to help you.

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Please share your site URL,
I will check out the issue and provide you a solution here.

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Hi @KetanKumar 

Thanks for your quick reply!

The site in question is
You will see on the home page the testimonials section is titled "What our customers say"
The testimonials need to fade vs slide. Thank you so much, hope you can help!


please let me know if you can help me today.


This is an accepted solution.

Since I got no answers, I found a solution on my own.

In case this helps someone else, I was able to do it using CSS

The theme used "flickity slider" so this worked well:

Note: I had to change class names to match the gallery cell my theme was using but the code under /* Fade CSS */ did the trick