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Create Sub Collections within collections

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I want to break down my collections into sub collections (or catagories) but are unsure how to do this:

For example:

MAIN COLLECTION = DRESSES = SUBS=Bodycon, Evening, Day, etc

Any advice would be appreciated 


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Hey, Lee!


Thanks for reaching out, and congrats on your first post. 🙂


We do have the option to create subcategories within the admin, and have a handy guide here which walks through the steps involved depending on your preferred style. 


However, if you'd prefer a multi-level drop down like this, an app would be the best route to take. There are some cool options for this from with our App store here:

Hope this helps you out!

Koreen W | Shopify 

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The guide mentioned does not show you how to create subcategories, it's a guide on how to use tags as filters. While filtering and category hierarchy are both considered taxonomy, they are different things.

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<div class="canvas">
{% assign collection_handle = "collection-" | append: collection.handle %}
<ul class="gallery">
{% for link in linklists[collection_handle].links %}
{% assign coll = link.object %}
<a href="{{ coll.url }}">
{% if coll.image %}
<img src="{{ coll | img_url: '600x600' }}" alt="{{ link.title | escape }}"/>
{% else %}
{% assign prod = coll.products.first %}
<img src="{{ prod | img_url: '600x600' }}" alt="{{ link.title | escape }}"/>
{% endif %}
<h4 class="title">{{ coll.title }}</h4>
{% endfor %}

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Nice share

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Yeah it's really a hack as Shopify does not natively support this kind of sub-collection architecture and it is based on link-lists as others have linked to. 

If you are at this level of advanced hacky customisation, you can actually go even further to edit the URL structures. Theoretically you can use EdgeSEO to go "orange cloud" on Cloudflare. Then, in addition to changing the internal linking to create sub-categorisation, you can tweak the public URL structure.

Using a customised CF workers you could apply URL re-routing to replace this:

With this:

Warning: this is pretty advanced and won't be supported (or probably even understood) by Shopify support. It requires a pretty good understanding of Shopify theming, CloudFlare, CDN proxys, CF workers etc - but technically possible. 😉

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Any luck? I'm looking for a simple, free version that isn't too complicated. 

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Making use of tag pages as sub-collections can work. I would call this easy if you are familiar with Liquid theming.

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Ooh I know this post wasn't about SEO but that's so good for SEO! You go glen coco.

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You could create a page with graphics that represent the subcollections.

So the nav bar you have Dresses, click dresses and it goes to a page with a graphic that represents bodycon dresses, evening dresses, day dresses etc etc. Make sure to include a graphic that says 'all dresses' as well so they can view all of the dresses in the dresses category.

I hope this helps. It's free and might not be the best option, but it works.