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I need help making my Home Pages Background a candy cane where its reaccuring like Kylie Jenners Cosmetics website. Thanks! Happy holidays.

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Hi Garland,
Expert Shopify developer here.

Would love to help you for this. Let's discuss this.

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Anjani (

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Bump. Can someone please help


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Adding a background image is a simple change. You'll need to add some custom CSS, and since your store is live be sure to test things in a theme copy (and not the live theme).

This code can add a background image assuming you've uploaded the image to your asset folder and that the CSS file ends in .liquid.

body {
    background: url({{ 'some-image.jpg' | asset_url }});

If you're still stuck, post back.

You may find that you don't like the look of the site with a backgroud image, but this is something you can test in that theme copy.

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I added that code to the bottom of Themes.scss.liquid and changed 'some-image.jpg' to 'hero.jpeg'. My picture is named "hero.jpeg" in my online shopify folder. Nothing changed


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Did you get it working? I know you tried 2 years back 😉

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Hi Jason,


How to add the background so it stays stretched while the other sections move over it?





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