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Custom Bullet Point Icons

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Hi there, 

I am looking to achieve custom bullet point icons in my image and text section. 

I have uploaded the icon .png into the asset folder, I just need to apply it to my text section. 

I have attached a screenshot of my version, and the version I wish to achieve. 

Thank you


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Password: reiffa

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Hey there,

I'd recommend adding some CSS styling to the list. The most convenient way is if the textbox that your theme provides for that specific image and text section allows richtext (i.e. the option to put in HTML/CSS directly into the text area).

If not, then the next easiest thing would be to edit the code on your theme. An example would be:

Online Store --> Themes --> Actions --> Edit Code

I would be careful though, if you want to avoid making live changes it may be best to make a backup of the theme first and publish after making the changes.

.list li {
    list-style-image: url()
If you replace the ".list" with the class that is directly related to the list you have, then adding that code in should do the trick. Putting in the image file destination in the url() would do it.
Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any questions!