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I have build a store using dawn theme.

But the problem is when I click the main navigation, the dropdown appears, which Is okay but it's link is disabled.

The link on that anchor doesn't work. I'm talking about the main navigation. 1st child and grandchild links are working fine, but if there is a dropdown level, the parent link doesn't work.

Any way to fix this???

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Hi @dmwwebartisan I've added the additional code but have encountered the following issues




The parent only will open when clicked (not able to hover), it renders an arrow indicating a submenu but this is not clickable and you can't see the submenu.

When you click onto the parent then the new Parent (child) is visible, but not clickable, and the new child (grandchild) is clickable.


Not able to access the menu, when clicking the three parallel lines, nothing happens.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.