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Hello again!


I am now trying to make it so when my site is pulled up on mobile it will display a different picture than it does on desktop.

The reason being is because the image I have for the desktop version is nice and full and when it is on mobile it cuts the sides off.

Please if anyone can help, could you explain it for me like I am six?

Thank you so much gang!

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Hello everyone,


I have once again, found the solution. This one is quite longwinded. Message me if you would like help achieving the same thing as I mentioned above.


Thank you very much,


Andrew Brian

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Hey Andrew,

I've been trying to figure this out for a long time now and tried different methods and it didn't work. I am using the Debut theme.

Do you think you can help me with it? It would mean a lot.


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Hi @AndrewBrian 

I'm looking for a solution for the same problem, could you help me?

Will really appreciated,

Best regards.