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Hello there!  I am working in Debut theme to build a faux personal referral system whereby a user is asked to supply email of whomever referred them and it rains discount codes.

It's fun so far, learning about cart attributes and code generators. https://ui-elements-generator.myshopify.com/pages/cart-attribute. (WOO!)

As I'm experimenting I'm learning that it SUCKS to write text hard into code. In cart-template.liquid I'm having all the fun making my faux referral system work... BUT

I cannot, for the life of me, find where in the world "cart.general.note" is pulling from. 


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Hopefully you found the answer by now, but for anyone else stuck on this:

Go to Online Store > Actions > Edit Languages > click on Cart > then in the "Note" box, type whatever message you like.

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Would it be possible to turn one of the words into a hyperlink to a page? That would be much appreciated.