Expanse theme - removing (16/16) collections limit in a Collection List

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I have recently bought the Expanse theme for my workplace and have now run into an issue. It's very clever that you can output various collections on a given page directly via the customizer - but there is a limit of how many collections you can output- 16. I would love to remove this cap to post unlimited collections - or say 50 might be enough - but can't find the snippet to do so. Can anyone help? We are a publishing house, and I would like to use collections to display our writers alphabetically. 

Regards - and good karma to you if you solve the puzzle. I have an idea of where the code might be, but too unexperienced to just go ahead and play with the code.

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@Gladiatorjonas wrote:

So for everyone dealing with this issue. I found a workaround. What you can do is to put the desired collections into a menu and calling that menu via. liquid through the "Custom content" HTML section - also pulling the image from every collection. This will display exactly like the previous mentioned blocks and you can output whatever you have in the menu - no 16 items limit. Hope it makes sense. Just replace "yourlink" with your desired menu.

Good work, You can mark your own solution as the solution so future users see a nice fat checkmark in the search

N.B. You can also access collections directly https://shopify.dev/api/liquid/objects/#collections i.e. collections.frontpage.products

Advanced use accessor [] syntax to use strings to get the needed collection , psuedocode:


{%- assign collection_handles = "collection-handle-1,collection-handle-2,collection-handle-3" | split:"," -%}
{%- for collection_handle in collection_handles -%}
 {%- comment -%} "this_collection" instead of "collection" or "current_collection" to avoid oddities{%- endcomment -%}
 {% assign this_collection = collections[collection_handle].products %}
  {{- this_collection.title -}} 
{%- endfor -%}


For deeper integration there is a setting type to let you select a linklist|menu in the theme settings themself https://shopify.dev/themes/architecture/settings/input-settings#link_list useful if you need to consistently setup sections for this feature instead of having to manually hard code a new menu name each time..


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