Google search console warnings Products, Missing field priceValidUntil, url etc.

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Hello, everyone,

i have several warnings in the google search console.
i have found that 2 files are included in the template to generate the structured data.


SEO-Master.liquid +stucturedDataV2.liquid


this may cause a conflict, the prices are displayed differently 24.90 and 2490
which of them can be deleted?

unfortunately the solution from did not help.


the Brooklyn (version 16.0.2) theme with free SEO Master App is used
please help, thanks

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I have also the same problem with my website , i need solution please. Thank you

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I have this warning on Google search console:

Missing field "priceValidUntil

First detected: 2/16/21

Status: WarningFirst detected: 2/16/21
Status: Warning
It is possible that some body from Shopify share  step by step code solution?
My Theme is from Shopify and I can understand how these codes are not friendly with google. Any theme from Shopify should be search console google friendly   no body should have these problems. 
I have 5 warnings:
Missing field "aggregateRating"
Missing field "priceValidUntil"
Missing field "sku" ....
all my product have SKU, so I can't understand why I have this problem.  But I just hope that a list in this forum Shopify send some body that make a video or blog and answer how to fix "priceValidUntil" but step by step. 
My theme is Debut  ( I guess product template on debut is the same for all)
Thank you. 
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I have only started on shopify about 2 months ago. My understanding of these warnings are just warnings and not a concern. Personally I would prefer to fix this issue. I want to know what happens is you verify the warnings as approved as myself is correct and to stop the warnings. I have 7 warnings for things within shopify that I have yet to access or chose to ignore. 



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I'm not a coder. But I solved this with common sense.

Step 1:  inspect your website page URL

Type in this URL


Once the page opens. Find this highlighted line of code.



"@type" : "product"



This highlighted code is your best friend. Because under this line is were you place your SKU, Gtin, priceValidUntil, etc..


Step 2: Find that code in your theme liquid

Go to theme > Edit Code

Now you need to be smart. I don't know which theme you are using. But you need to find that highlighted code. Wherever it is.

I use Prestige theme, so mine was inside the microdata-schema.liquid file inside the assets folder.


Step 3: Open Google Structured data testing tool

This tool is better than Google search console because it shows your changes instantly.

Google search console takes like a day before it shows that you changed something. So use the structured data testing tool to test your changes instead.

Step 4: Time to fix the errors

This part is tricky, because if you forget a single comma, the whole code fails.

• To get SKU. Place this code



"sku": "{{ }}",



Here I have turned my product ID into my SKU.

• To get Barcode (gtin12), place this code under


"gtin12": "{{ product.variants.first.barcode }}",


Here I have made the barcode of my first variant into the barcode of the whole product.

My end result on the "view-source" looks something like this


    "@type": "Product",
  "@id": "https:\/\/\/products\/myproduct",
    "offers": {
      "@type": "Offer",
      "price": "48.99",
      "priceCurrency": "USD",
      "url": "",
      "sku": "6716571582613",
      "gtin12": "495620164949"



To get reviews or aggregate rating, just download a reviews app and save the stress.

I haven't done priceValidUntil because I'm not a coder. I need to find a way to make the date to constantly update itself.

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I don't speak English, even so, your answer helped me a lot, I followed the investigation and found how to update the date automatically, use this code in the section "offers": {

"priceValidUntil": "{{'now' | date: '% s' | plus: 100000 | date: '% Y-% m-% d' | uri_encode | replace: '+', '% 20'}}" ,

where plus: 100000 equals adding a day, replace 1 with your appropriate number of days. thanks again, if you have any solution share