How can I add a custom font to the Showcase theme?

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I'm currently using the Showcase theme and am looking to add my own custom font to it.


How can I do this?



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You can find any support docs on your theme here,, or use the link directly in your customizer to get support on any given theme.


However, adding a custom font requires you to understand how to code to some degree. You'd need to add the font file either to your theme or you can upload to the Files in the content section of your Shopify admin to reference in your theme files (reference:


After you upload the font file to the appropriate place, you'll have to reference that font using font-face css property (Shopify Liquid reference: and general web reference via MDN docs: and update references to that font throughout your CSS shop as needed.


If you don't understand HTML and CSS, it's not really recommended that you start digging into your theme and making updates and you should consider hiring someone that can (or possibly find a friend that knows how to code since it's not a very difficult task for a developer).

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Thanks! I've done custom css in themes before just not for this specific use case. I currently have the font uploaded as a .woff2 file in the assets folder. More so looking for the specific code snippet required to make it usable.

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Hi @MattMhmm 👋

You can follow this article to add custom font to your store

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