How can I add a number inside my cart bag on my website?

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Hi I’m looking to add a number inside my cart. 


my site is

Thank You | mike
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Hi @Luxurymrkt 

You can go to your Online store > Themes > Edit code > open header.liquid file, find this "<span class="cart-link">", then add this code below that part 

{% for item in cart.items %}
  {{ cart.items_count }}
{% endfor %}



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I don't have the  <span class="cart-link"> in my header. is there another file to check

Thank You | mike

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To show the number of items inside cart, you can find to place where is handling code showing the icon cart and add more code like this

{% if cart.empty == false %}
{{ cart.item_count }}
{% else %}
{% endif %}


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