How can I assign and save the list-collections template in Venture theme?

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I have been using the Venture theme.

I wanted to make a list of sub collections from the main list of collection to group the relevant ones together

I have made a list of collections.

I used the code from the link -


The sub collection is coded properly and i can preview it - but i cannot assign the list-collections template to the page as it is not visible in the drop down menu for pages


can someone please help, as to how to allow it?

In the customize theme option i can preview the page by changing it - but i cant seem to assign it and save it.

It keeps on saying


Assigned to 0 pages

Thanking in advance.

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to use the proper steps


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Pages.
  2. Click Add page.
  3. In the page editor, enter a Title in the text box provided. You must use the same title for the menu that you'll create in the upcoming steps.
  4. Assign your new template to the page by selecting list-collections from the Theme template drop-down menu in the Online store section.

  5. Click Save.


I cannot seem to find the list-collections in the template option at all.

can someone please help. thanks

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sorted - you have publish it for the page template to appear.

thanks again