How can I delay specific JS/CSS impacting loading times on Sense Theme?

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I have no problem with delaying most of my non-critical JS/CSS - but there's this one thing that is increasing my TBT, LCP, and FCP all at once, and that is:





I have about 5 of those links with different endings. I've done some tests with lighthouse, and by blocking these 5 links, my overall time to interactive has decreased by 2s, LCP -0.8s, FCP -0.5s., TBT - 400ms

Now - I have an app that delays whatever JS/CSS I want, and it's working for all apps - but for these links, for some reason - it doesn't. Manually putting defer/async in the theme.liquid also doesn't do anything.


By the URL name, I assume it is some payment settings. Any idea how could I delay it - or make it load after the page loads? 

I'm using Sense Theme. 




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