How can I embed important links on my store's homepage?

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I am opening a second store, a non-profit thrift store and we are hoping to use our Shopify homepage as our only store website. I will need to have links to our extensive "do/do not" lists as well as the link to set up a donation appointment.


Can I have those embedded somewhere on the main home page? 

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Hi @KatrinaJohnson 


Are you using the dawn theme?

You can just simple use a liquid/html section for that.

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Yes you can do it

  1. Link in Text Section: You can use a text section on your Shopify homepage to include the links. Simply add a new text section to your homepage content and write the text describing the links. Then, highlight the relevant text and click on the link icon in the text editor toolbar to add the URL for the "do/do not" lists or the donation appointment setup page.

  2. Button in Image with Text Section: If you have an "Image with Text" section on your homepage, you can add a button with a custom link. Edit the section and find the "Button" option. Enter the button text (e.g., "View our Lists" or "Schedule a Donation Appointment") and provide the URL to the respective page.