How can I hide the first image in product listings on the Yuva theme?

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Hi! I am trying to hide the first image on my product listings. We want the main image to show on collection pages and home pages, but once the product listing is selected, we want that image to be hidden.

Or, if anyone has a code that would make all main images fit within the same image constraints throughout the category and collection pages without distorting the images, that would be a great solution as well. we have several product types whose main images are 4:3, others that are 1:1, others that are 3:4, causing issues with cohesiveness on the site. I know an alternative solution is to update images to be correct sizing, but our catalog has around 4,000 products so that would be quite the undertaking. 

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These thread posts have solutions for similar requests (just different themes), so if you're savvy with coding, you can probably repurpose the solutions to fix your theme. Without a link to your current site, I wouldn't be able to try figuring out the coding for you. 


However, if you're open to bulk-editing all of your product images (but just don't have the time to do so), then the Photo Resize app ( is a cheap/quick way to make all of your images square (1:1) without cropping. It should help a lot with alignment on collection & product pages. 

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