How can I prevent customers from ordering before personalizing?

How can I prevent customers from ordering before personalizing?

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Hello, my print-on-demand provider is Gelato, and I allow my customers to upload personalized images onto products. My concern is that I don't want customers to unintentionally order unprinted products by confirming the "Add to Cart" button before personalization. I could remove the dynamic checkout button or delete the "Buy Button" section in the theme, but unfortunately, that would also make the Personalized Button disappear. Is there a solution for this?

Additionally, for a product, I offer, for instance, five different images. However, in the preview images, only the default one is displayed, not the selected one. This is problematic because customers selecting an image and a specific size see the default image with the chosen size, not the desired image.

Thank you for your assistance! Greetings 

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Have you already found the solution for this?  I'm dealing with the same problem, I wanna remove the add to cart button but need to keep the personalization button. Looking forward to hearing from you!