How can I show only selected variant images on Spotlight 13.0.1 theme?

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Hi everyone. 


I'm having some problems with my shopify store.  I am currently on the Spotlight 13.0.1 theme. 


When I first click on the product, and it takes you to the product page, it will show all the variant images. I've done some work to fix this through the following video: (selected_variant_images_fix), so once you change to a different variant it will only show the selected variant images. However, I would like to fix it so that when you first click, it also only shows the selected variant images. 


See the following images:


MoreThanEyes_2-1710636997383.png MoreThanEyes_3-1710636997368.png



Please respond asap. Thank you!



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Can you share your website URL?

Aditya Khanna | Progryss