How do I list product variants separately on my collection page using Symmetry theme?

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Hi Shopify Community!!

I reached out to the Symmetry theme for this but wanted some insight. I've been reading through tons of forums but haven't found anything quite yet.

I am trying to get all of my variants to display listed as products - so for example, if I have 2 colors in two sizes. When viewing all products on a shop page, I want to list variants as products on the collection page. One site for example is — all of the color variants are listed separately with different photos but when you click on the product, it's all listed in one place. Does that make sense? 

I am unable to disclose the site per contract agree but this demo store contains the same code/theme style: 

If you're able to assist me with this I'll be forever grateful 🙂 (if you do help accomplish this I'm willing to send over a tip as this will be super helpful to me, as I work with this theme often)

Thank you!


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