How to add a link to an internal page?

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I am still building my website so it isn't live yet. But on the product descriptions of every products, I want to add a link text to a page on my website. It looks like I need a url to put in the insert link field. If the page I want it to go to is the "Guidelines" page. What should I put in the "Link to" field?


Thank you so much!

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Hey there! The link to is the page you want to go. For example, if i wanted to link the word "here". I would simply highlight it, click on insert link, then in link to, i would enter the page destination url, "". Now, once a customer sees this, they may click on it and it redirects them to that page. To do this anywhere on your website with html, you could use an <a> tag. 


<a href="/collections/watches">here</a>

Either way, your outcome would look like this: 


Be sure to visit our other watch collection here.


Hope that helps 🙂 

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can i used full internal link in shopify when not please give me a reason on it like example

Current internal link relative format:
<a href="/collections/accessories">shop now</a>
✔ Recommended internal link absolute format:
<a href="">shop now</a>
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Were you able to create links? I'm having trouble with that also
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nevermind, I'm dumb.

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So you have to put in the complete url in the link field? Is there no way to place a link if there is no url at hand?