How to create a product bundle offering free shipping?

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I am trying to build a bundle which includes three different products. I would like the customer to be able to choose 4 of the 3 products (so they would be buying at least 2 of one product) and have free choice on how to build their combination of product. Then once they choose their 4 products they can qualify for free shipping. Any help on the easiest way to achieve this would be appreciated. 

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Hi @ebvs,

You can consider utilizing the Easify Product Options app, specifically by implementing the Image Swatches option type and activating the Quantity Selector feature. This feature enables customers to choose one or multiple quantities per product. Additionally, you can set the total quantity of selected items to 4, even if you only offer 3 products. See the example below 🤗:

  • Storefront:




  • App Settings:




I'm curious about your pricing strategy. Are you planning to establish a fixed price for the bundle, or will the total price be determined by the combination of selected products (i.e., the price equals the total cost of the selected products)? Moreover, are these 3 products available for individual purchase, or are they exclusively offered as a bundle?


Please provide more details, and I can guide you through the setup process step by step.

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