How to filter items accurately in collections vs tags?

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HI folks,

this may be solved already. Indeed, I've seen it solved on other sites. Here's an example


If I have a collection for "Red Wines", then within that, if I select "France" from the filter in that collection, I still get regions or grapes which don't apply to France. 



Now, Shopify doesn't have a hierarchy of tags, as far as I can see.

Design intent

So, in picking France, I should only see filters for French regions (others shouldn't display).

How do I best go about this? Is it moving to collections rather than tags for filtering on product lists?



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Hello @larryvee 

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Thanks Jay, as we're only getting started, we're cash-strapped until we have the basics working so I'm looking for a technical tips that I can implement myself. 

A friend has suggested an app that could help us solve the issue, if I can't do it myself.

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In your example, it's using this app to build the filter: 

So if you are not familiar with code, you should use that app.


If you're familiar with code or trying to do this your self:
On your screenshot I see you already have the filter showing. If you make that without using any app and only customize the default filter-by-tag function of Shopify, after filtering by a tag, it will point to a sub page/URL of current collection.
Eg: on collection-wine when clicking on tag-france it will redirect to collection-wine/tag-france

So on that sub page, you can check the variable collection.all_tags. It will contains all tag that belongs to products on that sub collection.
After that you can check each tag on the Grape list compare with collection.all_tags then hide the tag if collection.all_tags doesn't contain it.

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Hi @larryvee 

You can refer to Shopify tutorial for filter by product tag However, it’s not possible to apply more than one filter within the same group. You can try some third party filter app such as Collection Filter & Search Bar, Filters & Instant Search to set up dynamic product filtering that shows the relevant filters based on the viewing products.

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