How to include an optional add-on at checkout in a cartoon pet store?

How to include an optional add-on at checkout in a cartoon pet store?

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Hi all 
I am about to launch my cartoon pet store. 
I am offering products with people's pets on them but turned into a cartoon. 

At the checkout, I want to add a option for the purchaser to have their cartoon emailed to them for an extra amount if they wish. But I want it to be a compulsory answer of a yes please or no thanks.

I can't quite figure it out because if they tick "yes please" then the cost needs to be added onto the cart. 

Can anyone help me out? 
Thank you 🙂 

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Hey @j4rrz,


Thanks for reaching out today, and huge congratulations on your upcoming store launch!


The option to have the cartoon emailed to the customer is such a thoughtful touch, offering an additional digital keepsake that they can share or use as they wish. It's these details that can help set your business apart from the rest.


The best way to achieve this, would be to utilise an upsell app. This would allow you to create upsell and cross-sell offers that display when customers add items to their cart or during the checkout process. You can set up an offer that suggests the "Email Cartoon" product when customers add a product to their cart. 


I have done some digging on the Shopify App Store and found a few that would be suitable for your business:


  • Bold Upsell: Bold Upsell offers the easiest and fastest way to increase AOV with offers ANYWHERE including the product, cart, cart drawer, in checkout, and on thank you pages. 
  • In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell: This app shows personalized product recommendations on the cart page based on the items in the customer's cart.

  • Cart Convert: This app lets you create targeted upsell offers that show on the cart page. You can target offers based on the cart's total value, the number of products in the cart, or the type of product in the cart.


In today's market, personalization is key and your business is hitting the nail right on the head! Offering personalized cartoon pet images taps into a niche market of pet lovers who are always looking for unique and meaningful ways to celebrate their furry friends. Check out this great blog post which dives into the top personalization trends in ecommerce, you may learn a few new tips and tricks!


Let me know if I can clarify anything further,

Moira | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @j4rrz,

To streamline the process and provide a seamless upsell experience, I recommend adding the option for purchasers to have their cartoon emailed to them directly on the product page rather than the checkout page. This way, customers can easily make the decision during the product selection process.

I've got a solution for you - consider using the Easify Product Options app 🤗. With this app, setting up your upsell option becomes a breeze, and you can have it configured in just a few minutes.



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