How to stop horizontal scrolling on mobile for my online store?

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I don't know since when but I just realised that the mobile version on my shop is a couple of pixels horizontally scrollable. Of course this is gives the user a super annoying experience and I'd like to prevent that.


I already checked plenty of Apps but I couldn't figure out which causes it. The theme provider (PALO ALTO THEME) also ensured that it's not from them.


This is my Shop: shorturl .at/quv68 [Delete Space before .at]


Thank you very much!



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Hi there!


I tried testing your site on mobile (Note20/Android/Chrome and iPhone 11/iOS/Safari) and could not replicate the issue. What browser/device are you using?

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Hello, I have tried it on iPhone 12, 14, 14 PRO - it seems like they are causing this issue.

It still is up for me even though I have deleted all the cookies and trash.