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I want to add Paypal smart payment buttons

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I want to add Paypal smart payment buttons  To my store

This is my store link

This is a link of Paypal smart buttons

Please help, help me

I don't know where to add the code


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 I'll try to answer your questions separately so I don't miss any:




have you tried it out on your store?

I have tried it and got sales during the test phase, so it does work, but like any other method it has it's advantages and drawbacks.



Does it trigger the website that an order has been made if it does not take the customer through the initial checkout process? 

Unfortunately it does not as it goes directly through paypal and not shopify. That's the biggest problem with this method (for now) in my opinion



 I'm not sure the orders will show up on his software or it's going to send an order confirmation email to my customer. 

The orders will not show up on your agent's software and or on shopifies as previously stated. The paypal button is just embedded on the store and does not share any information with it (name, username, address, etc.). The way I found which works with this method is to copy your customers information from paypal (as it will show up there) and just make a draft order on shopify with the exact same information and mark it as paid. Then pay for the order and fill out the remaining information, i.e. shipping code and other notable information. This should start the email sequence you have set up. Although a little longer and less automated, it works.



We also can't give them the option of the discount code.

I've been trying to find the solution for this, as I've seen examples of paypal's buttons with input boxes where the customer could type in his/her discount code and then apply it to the final product price. This would take a little bit more code to do, as the smart buttons work with one "price", i.e they are set to one specific price and not to a changeable variable like your cart total price. I've exchanged ideas with people on here that had this problem regarding total product cart pricing with paypal buttons - basically paypal buttons only accept one price out of the box and you need to make a string variable with a "." separator so paypal knows what's up (I made the code and if anybody asks for it I'm willing to put it on here for everybody to see)



Do you know how to put the smartbutton on the product page and the last page of the checkout page where you put in your card information(not on the add to cart page as you have shown above) 

Putting the smart buttons on the final page of the checkout page is not that big of a problem. The biggest problem is linking the information a customer puts in your store with the smart buttons. Paypal remodeled their own javascript SDK language for this and it could take a bit more work and expertise that I do not currently posses. This wouldn't fix the problem though, as shopify wouldn't know if the customer payed for the product or not because the payment goes through paypal.


The reason why I'm answering these questions is to give insight into the topic of what I currently know. The best way, in my opinion, of fixing this is to have api-s or webhooks which would connect the two platforms and make them exchange information when one or the other gets some. I'm currently looking into this and do not posses the knowledge to share completely so if anybody (who knows more) wants to share, feel free! Plus it would be a good idea to look further into this, as shopify feeds the facebook pixel with information which it uses for it's ads and if it does not receive information it could mess up the learning phase of the platform. Google ads could be another option, but I didn't look further into them.


If anybody has anything valuable to share on this topic, feel free!


Edit: Shopify seems to be deleting my posts regarding this everytime I post

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Hey Matt,

Have you managed to get any progress on these buttons? I've been struggling for a while now not able to add them, and there seems to be no help online when it comes to integrating these buttons to Shopify. 
I'd love to hear if you came up with any solutions! Thank you for your contribution so far, I appreciate it!

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Hey Erni,


I've been really busy in the past few days preparing my exams so I didn't have much time to work on the buttons. As soon as they're finished I'll get back to it and reply to this thread if I find anything interesting and or find the solution!


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Hi Matt, thanks for sharing all of this, I am trying to figure out the same thing, did you find anything new about this?

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Simply, not yet. Unless done manual like mentioned above but I just had my
friend who codes take a look at the smart button to see if he can integrate
it with my shopify store to trigger the order once the payment has been
made but he said it would be too much work. Seems like we just have to wait
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do you know how to add the smart paypal button to the product page ?



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But how does shopify get notified when a payment is made 

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Hello mohdramzaan112

Could you please help me integrate the PayPal button on my Shopify store?

The button is already display but it doesn't work I don't know why.

Can I add you on WhatsApp as well? 


Thank u very much

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Neil - just emailed you. Can you help me?

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Ok I can help you
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If someone clicks on the paypal credit/debit card buttons, will this order be registered by Shopify?
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Hi, bro.

I've added the Paypal smart button. Just want to know if the 'initiate checkout' & 'purchase' event can be tracked by the Facebook pixel? Thank you

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How shoud you comment out the code that functioned as your normal check out button

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hello, can I please know what goes in value ? should I change it from 0.01 ?

   amount: {
                            value: '0.01'
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i can help u this is my Gmail ''''

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Hi @Julie , 


I am trying to integrate paypal to shopify since last 3 days, However when I clink on activate Paypal it takes me to paypal dashboard.

I already have a business account, I tired many work arounds none of them really worked for me. I see many others are also facing similar issue on paypal community chat.


It would be great if Shopify and Paypal would work together to fix this.





Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
1109 106 327


Before we hop into some troubleshooting steps, have you had a chance to review our help doc on how to set up your PayPal account with Shopify? When you first create a Shopify store, a PayPal account is automatically created for you using the same email address that you used when you signed up with Shopify. This help doc will walk you through the process of ensuring that the correct PayPal Business account is connected. 

Since you already have a PayPal Business account, then you'll just need to deactivate PayPal in Shopify, then reactivate it using the email address associated with your Business account. This is done by heading to Settings > Payments and selecting Deactivate within the PayPal section, where you'll then see a Reactivate once you've disconnected your account.

When you reactivate your account, you'll be prompted to login to PayPal to complete the activation and grant Shopify permissions. It's worth noting that if you've used another PayPal account recently, the email for that account might already be filled in, so you'll just need to make sure you're using the email for the account you want to connect to your store.

Because you're being immediately directed to your PayPal account, it sounds like you're already logged in. Is this the dashboard associated with your PayPal Business account, or a different PayPal account? 

If it's the incorrect account, then I would recommend opening up your PayPal dashboard in a different browser window and completely logging out before trying to connect within Shopify again. It would also be worth trying the setup steps again using Google Chrome's Incognito mode (File > New Incognito Window), or a different browser altogether. If all else fails, do you have another device you can try this on? For example, if you're currently using a computer, you could try again using your mobile device.

Following these steps should do the trick, but please respond here and let me know if you are still having difficulties connecting your PayPal account!

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Copy the following code and paste between<head>...</head>on your page.
Copy the following code and paste between<body>...</body>on your page anywhere you'd like your messages to appear. We recommend placing them near the price of your products or cart amount.
    In your code, update data-pp-amount
    with the price or cart amount. For
    example, data-pp-amount="89.99" for
    a $89.99 product.
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I am seeing the options of what to insert, but my theme, Me Wokiee, doesn't seem to have the same entry points to paste for inserting PayPal payment options.

Can someone assist?