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Increase margin size on full site: Prestige Theme

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I am looking to increase the margin size for the full site so that things shrink down a bit and can been seen more fully when scrolling. Can someone give me advice on how to go about this? I think a margin of around 200 on the left and right when the site is in full screen mode would be good. Would there be a wrapper for main content somewhere that I could access and adjust?


<main id="main" role="main" style="
margin-left: 205px;
margin-right: 205px;
padding-right: 30px;
padding-left: 30px;
width: 1030px;
height: 2433px;


This is what I would like for dimensions, but would also like for the sections within to adjust and not have images or text be cut off?

Thank you!



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