Is it possible to add a discount code prompt on the cart page using Dawn theme?

Is it possible to add a discount code prompt on the cart page using Dawn theme?

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Hi all,

As you probably know, with the Dawn theme, (manual) discounts aren't applied until deep into the checkout process, and not on the cart page. As you likely also know, this is a TERRIBLE practice as it adds a ton of extra friction to the checkout process. Not only do the customers see the full non-discounted price on the cart page, they then have to click through to checkout knowing their discount isn't there after searching for a discount code prompt to no avail, and then enter all of their info, and choose their shipping before the prompt finally pops up. For the 2/10 customers that make it this far, it is then on them to remember the code, which is no longer displayed anywhere! Come on, Shopify........

That was my rant, now to possible solutions. The first thing that pops into my mind is manually adding a discount code prompt to the cart page via liquid code. My question to you: is this doable?

If that's not, for whatever reason, another workaround comes to mind. What about adding text at the top of the cart page saying "Discounts applied at checkout" with a button that, when clicked, copies the discount code to the customer's clipboard so they don't have to go and write it down or something. This isn't perfect, because the customer still won't get to see the original price crossed out with the lovely sale price below it on the cart page, SO, would it then be possible to manually do this, perhaps by coding in a 'Subtotal with code SPRING50: $XX.XX' display under the cart subtotal? I've had something similar done on Debut, so I'm hopeful on this to be possible. Note that this would also need to be done in some form for the first solution, but that goes without saying, I think.

So, what do we think? Yes? Other solutions I didn't bring up? Let's fix this ridiculous issue!


EDIT: My current 1-star solution. This is really all that can be done without coding as far as I can tell, and it's a start, but we, the people, need MORE!

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 11.35.32 AM.png

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