Looking for a theme to display different prices of products immediately

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We have a store which works okay but we are trying to improve it. For almost all Shopify themes I can see, it is really hard to display different prices for a product (eg per item, per 24 items and per 48), all of which will have different prices that reflect the discount if you buy more products.

Showing the price for the cheapest item, which it does now on all themes I have looked at, does not work for us since technically the cheapest price per product would be to buy 48 of them rather than just one.

Therefore being able to display all three price options immediately on the collection page would make things a lot easier. Currently we use an edited theme on Pagefly to fix the issue but we want something that works as a native Shopify theme to make it easier for other staff to edit. 

I can explain more if needed - thanks in advance for any theme suggestions



Hi @HOC123 

I'm Richard from the PageFly Advanced Page Builder,

In this case, you can try Bundle apps. PageFly integrates with Bold Bundle app so you can give it a try.

Please contact us via Live chat (we're available 24/7) if you have any further questions regarding using PageFly.

Richard, PageFly team. 

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