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I've created all the legal pages from within Shopify and they all look great and the formatting is spot on.  (Single Column in the middle and no white space at the bottom)

However when I create the "other pages" my About us and become a reseller page I notice the formatting doesn't follow the policy pages and looks off.  How can I get those 2 pages to match the policy pages from Shopify? Also I noticed if very on my iMac and if the webpage is full screen there is white area on the main page at the bottom.  But with the policy pages that white area isn't there.

Thank you in advance!

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sorry for that can you please show issue image and what do you need?

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Single Column Format and no white space.png

 Notice in the above picture (refund policy) the formatting makes the column clean and uniform.  Almost like a newspaper article.  Also where the footer starts there is no white area.


No column and white space.png

Now in this above picture (about us page) the "column" is wide and looks more like a paragraph.  Also there is a white bar between the page content and the footer.