Multiple Variant Images only showing on 1st Variant - Colorblock Theme

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Hi there, 


I've been working on enhancing our Colorblock theme store by integrating the multiple variant image functionality. To achieve this, I've meticulously installed a couple of apps and even delved into manually adding code following some guidance.


Despite my thorough efforts, I've encountered a specific issue when coding where the variant images aren't displaying as expected after the initial selection. While the apps function flawlessly for the first variant, subsequent selections only show the first thumbnail, which clearly deviates from our desired outcome. When using the Variant IMG apps, the same images show for all of the variants. 


  • Ideally, each of the four variants should display a set of five images, reflecting the product's various attributes. However, at present, only the initial product exhibits the complete set of five images correctly. 
  • This is using the MultipleVariantIMG APP - if someone is able to assist troubleshooting, I can revert back to a version of colorblock without the coding & apps. 



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