Product thumbnail image alignment on mobile- Turbo Theme

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Hi All, 

I want to align the product thumbnail images on mobile view. I am using turbo theme. I have products with different aspect ratio and wanted to have them in a square shape on a collection page. On desktop, turbo theme's internal feature (align product image height) works fine but on mobile the image's height does not adjust. I would highly appreciate any suggestions or input. 

image size issue.PNG

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Please share your store URL.

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Hi There, 

Thanks so much for your response. My web url is 

Also, I tried to add a code to the end of styles.scss.liquid file ( @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

.thumbnail { height: 150px; }

but it messes up with margins and product titles cannot be seen (as seen in the below image) 


image size issue2.png


Please let me know the possible solution 

Thanks in advance!