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Remove /Pages from URL my store

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Is there any way to remove /Pages from URL.Currently, my page URL is ".com/pages/about-us" i want to change to ".com/about-us".I tried URL redirect method Navigation settings and edit the code from theme.liquid to like this,

{% if template contains 'collection' and current_tags %}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ shop.url }}{{ collection.url }}" />
{% else %}
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ canonical_url }}" />
{% endif %}

Still it did not work. Please help me.Thank you.

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I have this issue from way Long and none of the so-called "Shopify Guru's" able to help... 1st of all, please stop calling Guru when you clearly not able to help MANY with just 1 URL related issue.

I have been frustrated so much that I have redirected about 50+ customers to wordpress.

Though I love Shopify, however this issue making MANY of us going nuts.



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can't agree more.... get us this feature!


Is there a solution in Shopify +? (Yes, we would pay for it...)


or we go to Magento 2 Cloud 🙂 => i know irony does not work in the great www... hence allow me to explicitly call out IRONY!

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Still no solution... SAD

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Still no response from Shopify? Looks like they've abandoned us LOL!


On a serious not we all need this fixed cos the URL looks rubbish at this point in time. Looks fake.


Shopify!!!!! Please, please, pretty please ... SORT IT OUT!

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@Lizzy You mentioned you have passed this on to your devs in June. Can you give us an update regarding the issue, please?

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Seems as if no one gives a crap... Seriously though it makes everyone's shop almost seem sketchy due to other Shopify users rep... Why is this such a big issue to fix? Why was this implemented in the first place? We pay for a service, therefore we deserve to have our requests acted upon! We haven't even got an explanation to say the least...

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Hello everyone! I just switched from shopware to shopify. Are there any news for better SEO urls? I worry that there are no news for us since the post of b2 is just a few days old.. nevertheless this is a another comment to hopefully hit shopifys customer service radar..

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I'm no SEO expert, can someone elaborate on why this is such a big issue for you concerning SEO? I personally think it adds readability to the url, but I'd like to know why the concern. 

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I'll try to put it simple:

A. The shorter and
B. the more clear a url,
C. while still revealing the hierachy (correct URL path) of the given page
D. and while using the main keyword,
the more likely it will rank and get a better CTR.

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I wanted to post here to let you all know that I have shared this thread and feedback with our team. While I don't have a timeline or guarantee that this will be adjusted, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to share all of these thoughts with us.


Without your input, we wouldn't be able to continue improving Shopify as a platform.


I completely understand how the ability to adjust URL structures is in important feature to our business owners and will make sure to relay that importance to our developers. In the meantime, I wanted to share this page which highlights some of the built in features we have to help with SEO already within the admin. 


I also wanted to share this link to the Shopify Changelog. Here, you can keep up to date with all of the updates we make to the platform as they roll out.

Thank you again for contributing to the community.



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Hi @Lizzy ,


what a great an fun example... 

Shopify itself is not using its own "URL ruleset":


I would love to have the same URL structure, just like shopify mothership and not 


instead the only option i get is: 
shopify 2.JPG


Please help us get traction on this functional change!

How many customers / requests does it take to get attention?

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This is ridiculous that there isn't a solution yet! I've been asking about it for years with client websites and I almost went to Big Commerce because of it. In fact, Shopify take notice >> Big Commerce is using this issue as a selling point for their platform. 


Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 9.33.21 PM.png

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It is absolutely crazy that Shopify still doesn't have that feature. It really cheapens the look of any website that has those breadcrumbs on the URL



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I see Shopify has updated store search results. Why can't we get the main URL structure fixed? I think every store owner / developer would like this feature and it shouldn't take this long to get it done...

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Hello @Lizzy ,


Please let me explain why is so important for us.

Google ranks pages based on the keywords used but also on the type of page / link optimized (homepage, category, subcategory, product).

A page will have a higher indexing force on a keyword depending on the type of page that word is targeted to, as follows:
1-Homepage - the most powerful
2-Page of category - second most poweful
3-Page of subcategory - 3 rd most powerful
4-Product page - 4th most powerful


By example: If i target the keyword "business suits" in category page (link,meta title and meta description), google will rank me better than other site who target same keyword in subcategory page (link, meta title, meta description).


My link in google search will look like and the other shop link will look like


In the real life, on Shopify, if i want to target same keyword in category page, my link will look like , and that means you've just downgraded me into a subcategory page and the other shop can rank better than me and outperform me in the position of google search.


All other SEO techniques that are permited by Shopify (meta titles, Meta description) will not work without the link optimization and the site will remain mediocre.


I hope I made myself clear and this issue will be soon gone. If not, i think that a lot of sites will leave Shopify.


I personally intend to migrate to Shopify from a small local platform in Romania (that by the way, offers the link optimization posibility), but after finding out that the link cannot be SEO optimized, I am not so sure about migration, even though I worked almost 20 days for the shop setup on the Shopify.


Thank you very much!

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Can't agree more!

and to add my point again: Shopify themselves don't use their own /pages structure... so why are we forced to?

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@Lizzy and @Jason I appreciate everything you all do and you have a ton of wisdom in the posts in this community. 


We're all hoping this request will be heard and implemented.  Would you please re-approach your team about making this update and actually get confirmation that it will be updated and a timeframe?  Thank you very very very much!

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Hey !


This seems great, but where do I actually enter said "code"/"path ? 

Just onto my page text itself ? Or in some backend folder/ file ? If so which one ? 





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Not sure why this discussion was moved to the "Remove Shopify Logo from my store" thread. We are also trying to get /pages removed from our url and not finding any solution that seems to work. A clear solution should be available or it makes Shopify a much less appealing solution for commerce and marketing practices. Please help us resolve — thanks!

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This is crazy, why can we not do this by now? Such a great platform ruining SEO with this one major flaw yet the Shopify website itself does not do this. Please bump this to dev and make this platform as great as it deserves to be. Thank you all! @Lizzy @Nick @TyW @Alex23 @SeanP @Lisa @Jason