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Remove /Pages from URL my store

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Is there any way to remove /Pages from URL.Currently, my page URL is ".com/pages/about-us" i want to change to ".com/about-us".I tried URL redirect method Navigation settings and edit the code from theme.liquid to like this,

{% if template contains 'collection' and current_tags %}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ shop.url }}{{ collection.url }}" />
{% else %}
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ canonical_url }}" />
{% endif %}

Still it did not work. Please help me.Thank you.

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Wait, so you can't have something like :/skin-conditions/eczema/ but have to have /pages/eczema/ 


I was able to craft URL's back in 2000 on an ecommerce solution. This is very basic. 

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I switched from a more customized e-commerce platform to help improve my rankings and now after almost a year I am tanking due to SEO and these ridiculous “pages” “collections“ this needs to be corrected or Shopify will be losing clients left and right. I’m already seeking new platforms anyone want to recommend one that allows the removal of these nuisances
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I think one uses stuff like this in their advertising lol 😂
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I would like to add myself to the list of people that are asking for a fix to this real SEO issue.

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Hi @Lisa  Can you please tell me where to put this code.

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Anyone ??

@Lizzy @Nick @TyW @Alex23 @SeanP @Lisa @Jason 

ANY UPDATES ???!?!?! 

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This issue is also very important to me and it's messing up with my SEO big time!

Why isn't there an option for this out yet?


Can anyone at Shopify please reply to us?


Thank you

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im pretty sure they're just ignoring this thread now lol

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This is crazy, I cant' believe they're just not responding with even a comment back from the devs.

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Hi @Lizzy , it's been an year, Can you please confirm or update? whether you have or not? without wasting time for the People who are still looking for this?

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I second that! Thank you!
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Hi @Lizzy @Julie Anyone can respond please, At least say it can be done or not? if you confirm, then we leave it if can't be fixed but don't treat customers by not responding on something which is urgent, let me know on this immediately

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@shopify @DanielWeinand @TobiasLütke @ScottLake

We would like you to take ownership and respond to this super urgent issue that must be resolved as your employees are not responding.

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I agree, as customers we deserve at least an update after a whole year. Last October you @Lizzy said you'd present this issue to the developers (which you said you have done before too, by the way). Is this change planned, or not?
Please give us some honest answers.

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@Lizzy @Nick @TyW @Alex23 @SeanP @Lisa @Jason  @Julie 


Can any one of you can respond please? I was new to Shopify? do you want me to use Shopify? or else you show your Unaccepted behavior of not being respond to customers like as if you don't care and you treat customers very badly without responding to what they been asking since a year. It was being asked whether is there any chance or not? i.e either say yes or else No but don't keep calm

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Lizzy....are you or anyone else going to reply to the huge amount of people want to know WTF is going on here and if any changes are likely to happen with this set up effecting people SEO hugely.


Don't keep ignoring us. It's just **bleep**ed up, to put it politely!


Please speak to us, or get someone else to give us an update.

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Shopify Staff
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Hi everyone, 

Nick here from Shopify. I wanted to provide an update on this for you all to follow up on what Lizzy said a while back. 

This is a feature request which has been put forward, and we are unable to provide a timeline. It would be great if people could reply in this thread with feedback, but in doing so, explain how exactly this will help your store and business so I can add it to the existing feature request. This gives the development team some more context on why this is important for store owners and could help make it a reality. 

Nick | Community Moderator @Shopify
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hello @Nick 


i am not sure if this is an attempt to be sarcastic, but every SEO person on this planet, anyone who has worked with google and the likes before would never doubt nor second this request.


it is a sad-joke that Shopify does not take this serious! And the worst: they don't use the logic and structure themselves... i guess they have at least 1 capable seo person inhouse... 

Bottom line: just give us the freedom and flexibility over our URL structure, and we are all friends again.



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Hi @Nick First of all thanks for the response. At the same time, it is completely unfair to come now and say for what reason you want? and can't tell the timeline when this will be done? i.e it's been a Year, So do you think it is fair response from you saying that being from Shopify Team.


Yes, As the People who don't want to see /collections /products , Like told by @ChristianM , it helps in terms of Organic Search when we have a very well-structured website where these /collections and /products are unnecessary things which damage and impact the store or else business in Organic Traffic. Wordpress has several options to remove any such type of things with custom coding or else with Plugins. Like that, In Shopify, For the users who want to remove those /collections and /products from url, provide them an option where they can edit the code or other which is going to remove them completely.  


It will be really bad if you can't say timeline as it is very simple thing and don't prolong, As the feedback was given Respond within 1 day by sending the same to Technical team and ask on how much time it take (like already told, Your Team needs to give ability to remove /collections and /products customly by editing coding or some other thing which don't take more than a day or two to do that). I hope you @Nick ask the Team and respond back with teamline as it's already an year and no longer Good to delay.



To say you further @Nick , Defaultly for Shopify Sites if users visited from collections pages and then to specific product, the url looks like . Inorder to avoid this from collections to look like even if gone from Collections page, it can be edited like told here


So in sameway, Provide opportunity to remove completely /collections and /products like having ability to look like and either if users go to Products directly or else gone via collections. The option is clear just by providing the removal option or else hiding option with a coding (like told it was happening with above case). 


Really I was about to start with Shopify, This issue is preventing to go with you, Hence kindly request you to interact with Technical team and come back in a day as this is not some Heavy task work (when already above case was solved)