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Remove /Pages from URL my store

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Is there any way to remove /Pages from URL.Currently, my page URL is ".com/pages/about-us" i want to change to ".com/about-us".I tried URL redirect method Navigation settings and edit the code from theme.liquid to like this,

{% if template contains 'collection' and current_tags %}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ shop.url }}{{ collection.url }}" />
{% else %}
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ canonical_url }}" />
{% endif %}

Still it did not work. Please help me.Thank you.

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@Ninthony you and @GutterGuard are the reason why things don't get done.

And to blanket the situation saying the rest of us aren't understanding is insulting.

There are many customers including myself disgruntled at the current URL issue and we have every right to express our feelings amongst the Shopify community. Isn't that what a forum is for? We are discussing a topic in the 'Shopify Design' forum after all and you can forgive us for not having much faith in the system when we are getting told things have been logged but there has been no update. The thread was made in July 2018, we are now in July 2020.

There is a reason why this thread has 98 replies and 19410 views.

The thread discusses a very valid request and an update of this nature would be an invaluable addition for all store owners and Shopify itself.

Maybe Shopify can begin to listen.

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I understand that, Im just saying it's definitely not as simple as handing over url structure to customers, if it were Im sure they'd do it. Their platform has been developed for a long time and likely works around this structure. I'm just saying that there's not much else Nick can do and a lot of these comments are directed at him and being short with him, he's not the developers. I don't understand the situation myself so I'm not trying to be insulting. I'm just saying that there are likely background processes and reasons they can't just hand over that functionality at the moment. I'm sure they're working on it, as they are continuously growing all the time, but if they roll out a change like that it has to work for all stores that are still live since the inception of the platform. Doesnt really matter to me, keep posting on this as much as you want to get it seen again and again. Sorry if my comment was insulting to you.

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@Nick is there is a feature ticket we can follow for this update or should I just subscribe to this thread. I assume this is the same situation in shopify plus?

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@dapla -- Correct, there's no difference in the Shopify Plus URL structure or the normal plan.

If my solution helped you, please like it and accept it as the solution!
If you'd like to make any edits to your store, please send me a personal message and we can discuss what you'd like to accomplish 😄
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Hi @dapla,

You can bookmark this link here which is Shopify's Changelog for product/feature updates. You can't subscribe to it, which is why I suggested to bookmark it. 

@Ninthony is correct, it is the exact same for every store regardless of which plan they are using. 

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I am facing the same issue, is there any solution.

I like shopify so far but if the seo and other basic things are not working i need to move on.

Since we dont have access to the database an htaccess.

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We would also very much like to see this done soon!


We signed up for Shopify long ago without much knowledge of websites, but have grown greatly since and it now seems we have outgrown Shopify.

This slow implementation of an important and such basic URL structuring shows Shopify does not value their community's needs!


I will reluctantly begin looking for alternatives to Shopify. I hope to hear back with an aggressive implementation date from Shopify on this so we can continue to be partners. 


I am with Impulse Medical Technologies ( and The Electrode Store (

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Hi @Nick 

Please add my name to the list of Shopify customers eager to receive this feature!

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Hi @Lizzy I am not a developer and am new to Shopify. After reviewing this entire thread, this appears to be the only recommendation that will provide a fix until Shopify fixes this globally. Can you tell me where I need to put this code you mentioned above? 

POST /admin/redirects.json
  "redirect": {
    "path": "/about-us",
    "target": "/pages/about-us"

I just want to get it fixed as simply as possible for now. Thank you so much for your help and patience with all of our frustrations with this.  

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Hello @Nick 

I own a few websites on Shopify. Please add my name to the list.



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From what I understand the framework that Shopify uses (Ruby on Rails) uses routing to pull information from the Shopify admin. Routing uses paths like / pages / or / products / to keep everything clean and speedy, and uses request strings for organizational logic to access varying resources, so that differing templates are provided the resources they need for publishing dynamic page content and or services.

But anything after the path is customizable through the 'Edit SEO' section found at the bottom of product pages.

I don't think Shopify can change Ruby on Rails routing convention (it would be easier to change development frameworks). But there is a workaround that works for me. With Cloudfare and their Cloud Workers function it is possible to mask part of the url (for example "/ page" or "/ collection") and allow for alternate delivery paths and even deliver alternate resources for requests.

It's not super easy to implement, but with some basic js knowledge even non-developers (like me) can. All information at the following link:

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Same issue with our store. Please reply mods.

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Here is justification for removing 'pages' from Shopify URL. Let us compare two below URLs. Even if we work hard on SEO work, the first url is not going to show up in searches but the second one might. When we search a product, Amazon shows up at the top. If some good SEO work is done by Shopify then Shopify search results may show up close to those of Amazon. But for some hidden reason, Shopify does not seem interested in that. If Shopify can work on general SEO / Page Speed  etc, then the search results will increase drastically. The second url generation is possible in Woo-commerce, but not in Shopify. (this is how Shopify does) (this is how, it should be)




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I want this feature also please. I actually have a physical product (a book) and in the book it references a URL for download of extra worksheets. The URL is 

Except in Shopify I can't seem to get that URL to resolve, it goes to /pages/download .... 

I am in the process of printing 1000 books with a domain that won't work for people. Is there a workaround for me? 


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your solution is just need a redirect.

so if anybody goes to "" it will redirect to ""

...not ideal, im about to switch to another platform because shopify is very stuck in their ways. they do not care about customer feedback - they are making billions so why would they spend extra time on the little guys?

I'm switching someone who cares 🙂

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Hi Nick,

We would also like to remove "/Pages".  Right now, when Google looks at our URLs (and the URLs of everyone else on this thread), Google thinks that we have all decided that the most relevant word to describe each of our webpages is "Pages".

As such, Google views our competitors' (non-Shopify) sites as having more relevant content.  Removing the "/Pages" would improve the Search Engine Optimization of every site on Shopify.

The ROI of removing this would be tremendous for Shopify.  All Shopify sites would have more organic traffic, and a percentage of all purchases from that traffic would go to Shopify's bottom line.

As a Shopify Shareholder, I want you guys to prioritize enhancement requests like this one that drive ROI.

I'm hoping you can help to escalate this.  Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.



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been needing this for years.



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That is what I have done for now. It's still kind of an ugly solution but what am I going to do. It works at least .

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@Nick - nearly half year passed since your reply. We really need to be able to have a hi-end landing pages that would be able to compete with ClickFunnels and other trending items. This is not possible without having a page without prefix. - Elite WordPress, Shopify & Amazon FBA Agency.
Certified WordPress & Shopify Developer. Amazon FBA guru.
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Hi @Nick , it's almost end of the year now. Is there any update from the team?
Can you at the very least confirm when the team will be able to finish this issue that has been in shopify since years.


Following this blogs isn't helpful as we've haven't seen any proactiveness from you lately.