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Remove /Pages from URL my store

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Is there any way to remove /Pages from URL.Currently, my page URL is ".com/pages/about-us" i want to change to ".com/about-us".I tried URL redirect method Navigation settings and edit the code from theme.liquid to like this,

{% if template contains 'collection' and current_tags %}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ shop.url }}{{ collection.url }}" />
{% else %}
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ canonical_url }}" />
{% endif %}

Still it did not work. Please help me.Thank you.

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Lovely, another issue I look up to find a fix for and the same freakin theme emerges. No fix and it's been years where obviously no one at Shopify is concerned enough to address it. It's like 4 in a row now. I'm beginning to see Shopify is not the problem here. Any dumbass that would continue to pay for such a service is. And don't get me wrong. I will. I'm sure I will. Pathetic. 

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I agree. Everywhere you turn there is a new "gotcha" or issue where you have to pay for Shopify Plus at $2k per month. At our company we went with Shopify because it had the most out of the box features that you don't have to develop yourselves if you have a small development team.  Regretting it now, all the time and effort into r&d should've just gone into a custom e-commerce system.  Then they rep Hydrogen but that has a ton of issues too like a double login. You make a hydrogen site and then once you get to the checkout, it pushes you to the liquid/myshopify site anyway unless, you guessed it, you pay for Shopify plus to get multi- login. So what is the benefit of any this crap?