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Remove texts "shipping calculated at checkout" in minimalist theme

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I would appreciate if someone could help me to resolve this problem..


I am not able to remove the texts, "shipping calculated at checkout" below the price area on the product page (the page where the button says "Add to Cart".


I was able to edit a similar line just above the Checkout button on the Cart page by going to Edit Language/Cart but it seems that I wasn't able to edit the line on the Add to Cart page.


Many thanks if you can enlighten me.

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Thanks eMobility,


Unfortunately, I realized the title of the thread included "minimalist theme".  I purchased the "Flow them" from WeTheme, and I'm not seeing the section you are referring to in languages.  I successfully changed the language on the checkout and cart pages already, but I just can't find the "other payments" language.  Apologies for the misunderstanding.  If you have any suggestions regarding the Flow theme and how I could change it please keep me posted. Thanks again.Capture.JPG

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On this page:

I would like to also remove the "shipping calculated at checkout" but I would like to replace it with "Free Shipping!" 


Is there a way to do this?

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Thanks a bunch for this step by step solution! It helps a lot. 🙂

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This page is such a resource. I did not know.

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I almost lost my mind over this, thank you for your. 🙂

@phploh wrote:

Go to Online Store > Theme > Current Theme > Action > Edit Languages > Product


Current Theme is Minimalist.


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Hello, your advice helped a lot, but for some reason this inscription is not removed, I delete everything from the "Include taxes" line and from the "Delivery of html policy" line, now it is empty, I saved everything, but the inscription does not disappear. Please tell me what is my mistake or what else can I do? Could this be a problem in the Brooklyn theme?

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Your way is very helpful for Minimal theme. Thanks!

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Wow Thank you. That was annoying considering I am not selling a physical product.