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   I am on the Debut theme for about a month now.  I finally got it looking like i want it.  I am told that white space is good on home pages, to "let the eye rest".   Okay, but not too much.  And, I think I have too much under 2 custom content headers that I have made into banners.  See the banners above and below the video on the homepage of  So, what code do i paste into the html, and where do I post it?  I want to reduce the excess white space below the banner, to where it is the same as the white space above the banner.  Also, I have been referred to the THEME.SCSS file before, but all i see is the THEMES.CSS file.  is this the same file, and does it do the same thing?


Thank you  Dale

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@workoutsandbags - it is multiple changes, custom css and you have cuatom html in 2 sections which is black but taking some space

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