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Removing the slideshow buttons in Venture theme

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Hi there,


I am using the Venture theme and would like to remove the slideshow buttons, as well as their backgrounds (see attached image). I would like to remove the forward/back arrow, pause/play, and slideshow number button so there are no controls.


Appreciate any help 🙂 



 Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 9.35.59 AM.png

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Thank you!! Is there any way to do this while keeping the text section?


Appreciate your help and the quick reply!

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Hello! I am very bad at code and tried typing that in at the beginning of the section in the asset category. How can I remove the buttons? 

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Yes! Thank you !!

That worked for me in my Venture theme. By the way, for anyone,  I've learned that you can put this stuff in custom html u don't have to keep goin in and out (or risking!) of your .scss.liquid file. May or may not be worth something

I'm doing the following to try and improve slider image issues between mobile and DT. I know there are ways to create different sections for mobile etc etc. But it can get daunting and a be a rabbit hole for the avg joe with a rudimentary level of coding!


@media only screen and (max-width: 450px) {
#NotificationPromo{display:none;}  <--disables the announcement bar thing-->
.hero-content__controls {
display: none;}
h2.hero-content__title.h1.hero-title-active {

display: none;


What else could go there to max-width the sliders and remove white space below just for the mobile view?

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This works perfect for removing the controls, thanks for sharing.

When you click the image slide show it freezes on the image. How can you stop that from happening so it just keeps sliding through the images?

many thanks

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can anyone help me in regards ti removing those buttons on the venture theme.

I'm very bad at coding so a screenshot of where to put a different code would help massively