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Split Theme: Changing button colors across the whole theme

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I need to change button colors from default to #ffc439 both on homepage sliders as well as product pages.


Theme editor only allows black and white button colors of the homepage sliders and the same color is applied to the text above and below.


Product page buttons have the overall theme's color. Split only allows Main and Highlights color in the Theme Editor.


For a paid theme this is quite limiting. Could anyone help? I can change the code based on instructions. Thanks

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Hey Jasoliya, 

Can you tell me how to create product image slider on Product Page in debut theme

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For that need custom code cant we sent any step for that may be this help if you know coding 

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Hello! I am looking to change only Add To Cart button on my website. 

I tried your code, but it doesn't work for me. 

Can you help, please?

I use Split Theme as well. 

I want it to be a more bright color, for example 

#87c8a9. Because now it is just white:

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