Transparent header on Dawn Theme Shopify 2.0

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Hi there,

I built a site on the old Brooklyn theme with a cool transparent header overlaying the image / video section below. 

Now on Dawn theme with Shopify 2.0 I cant seem to do it. 

Does anyone know how?

The very first section is a Pagefly section.

Site is:

password: lifeisgreat


any help much appreciated!

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This is the best solution I've tried so far! It works perfectly well. Thank you @JohnFromJotting 


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I tried yours @JohnFromJotting  but it is hard for me to follow. Newbie here. I tried @made4Uo, only a few codes and so easy to make this happen but paid $7 for it. Lol. I think it is worth it for my time. Thank you everyone for this

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I used your code. My only question is how can I do the same thing for the footer?