Why can't I upload a zip file of Avone theme from Themeforest.net?

Why can't I upload a zip file of Avone theme from Themeforest.net?

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I am trying to upload a zip file (of Avone theme - from themeforest.net). 

I get the following message: 

zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template "layout/theme.liquid"
Here is a link ot a screen shot with the zip files. Inside the folder "layout" there is a file "theme.liquid". 
Can you please help me please?
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Go redownload the zip and try again.

If that doesn't work export the zip on your desktop top and rezip and try to reupload.

If you have professional zip software, such as winrar,  test the archive is not damaged.

If that doesn't work add a free theme to shopify from the shopify theme store > export the theme > download that zip > reupload the zip ; this confirms your store does accept zip files.

If your store lets you add good theme zips then you need to contact themeforest support as shopify does not support third party themes.


If your store doesn't let you add a zip shopify itself has given you contact support 


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Thanks for yout prompt reply:) I will do exactly what you offered me.

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Also, double-check official Avone theme installation guidelines:


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