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Why is my Insta feed video loading so slow?

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Hi there,


is there a way to speed the video loading inside the vid feed up? The developer of the app says it is due to Instagram Server speed, but directly on Insta the loading is quick.


This is the page.


Thanks and best regards

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Hi Sascha,


As far as I can see the loading speed is due to the servers and often happens when you import resources from an of-site source. I don't think it should be a problem for you since the instagram feed is quite far down the page and by the time you reach them they have loaded.


If it's possible, you can add inside the img tags for the instagram posts:






so the image becomes:



<img loading="eager" class="eapps-instagram-feed-posts-item-image es-post-media-image" src=";ccb=1-5&amp;_nc_sid=8ae9d6&amp;_nc_ohc=6O1dUFuiBZMAX-W08XQ&amp;;edm=AM6HXa8EAAAA&amp;oh=372c1688126c43d95df095ec511849ec&amp;oe=619B040B" eapps-link="image" alt="back to nature, back to basics   bYo Vibes 🧘🏻‍  #most #natural #yogamat...">



This could improve the loading speed of the images, but it might negatively affect your page loading speed overall.


Hopefully this helps!

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