Why is the image banner low resolution on Dawn 7.0 theme?

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Anyone know why my image banner is low resolution on my website? The resolution is very crisp when I view in preview, figma, or illustrator. File size is 10,000x2,822 pixels, so that shouldn't be the issue. One weird thing is that I used this same image before I updated to Dawn 7.0, and my previous theme version had great resolution for this same image file. 


website: https://wholesale-caffelusso.myshopify.com/


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Hi there,


This might be due to the automatic compression that is done by the theme.


Have a look at the srcset attribute from within your header liquid file, or try to delete it to see if it addresses your question. This may would require some sort of coding knowledge, if you are not sure, you might considered hiring a web developer.



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