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I've been looking at all the threads on this topic, but nothing quite fits.

On the checkout page, I want customers to see a button to add a donation to our nonprofit, and then they can enter any amount to add as a donation.

This could work as a donation "product" with a variable price but only if I am allowed to add that product to the checkout page.

The "tipping" feature seems to only use percentages.

Are there any solutions to this?

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Dear @estheree 

Are you looking for something like below at cart page?


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Change recently launched a Post Purchase Donations app to add charitable options after checkout.

You can create a campaign so that customers have the option to give a custom amount to your nonprofit (and your store could optionally match it). This will appear on a page after they completed their order, but before the order confirmation page -- through Shopify's new post purchase flow. All campaigns can be configured with just a few clicks, and require zero code.

I am the co-founder of Change, and am happy to answer any questions!